What we love about Truth Trekkers…

Working underneath the board of women at Truth Trekkers is a healthy place to grow as a teacher. I love that they are organized, purposeful, and always try to keep the goal of bringing glory to God through our choice to participate and homeschool. They take care of so many support and details that I can spend time preparing and teaching!- Kellie, Teacher and parent at TT since 2010


I love TT because I know I’m leaving my children in the hands of teachers and helpers who will cherish them like I do!- Christina
I love that we have found like-minded homeschool families, support, accountability, and amazing friends! -Sarah
What we love about TT?  Well, the classes (absolutely thrilled that they use Apologia sciences!) and the statement of faith are reasons why we chose it.
Since choosing TT we could hardly be more pleased.  The teachers are phenomenal and the families we have met have been absolutely wonderful to get to know!  The classes are exactly what we were looking for and have been motivational for our children.  I sat in on several different classes in different age groups and was impressed in every single one.  One other amazing thing to me is how organized TT is.  The families who began it have truly learned what works and what doesn’t and the board does a great job of enforcing the rules so everything runs smoothly.  I truly thank God for leading our family to TT!! -Melody


We have been at TT for about 6 years.  What I love about TT is that we all have learned so much AND have made so many solid friendships.  I love having so many educational and social options!  My college kids have told me their IEW classes were very helpful for college English and we were able to take our science classes that required labs.  We love joining in on the planned social activities (great field trips, bowling, skating, etc…)  that usually happen about once a month.
The graduation for my daughter this year was just perfect.  She was able to share a major event in her life with friends she has attended co-op with since 7th grade. The students were able to participate as much as they desired.  And we truly enjoyed being able to celebrate with the families we know and love. It was personal, professional and fun!
I feel like our board members do an excellent job of trying to accommodate individuals to their best abilities and still serve the whole body.  That has been a challenge for us at times, but I understand the big picture.
We really do love our co-op!!  My kids cannot wait for Mondays, and we usually hang out with friends from there during our week.  The people are real and friendly, the teachers are excellent, and the structure is enough but not too rigid to live with.  I am thankful 🙂 – Angie


Truth Trekkers has been such a support system for our family. Being new to homeschooling and not being a part of any type of co-op, I made a lot of rookie mistakes. Last year was our first year at Truth Trekkers and I now have a large network of women who have used a variety of curriculum and have always been more than willing to help me with anything I need. We only took two classes last year, but my daughter’s teachers were so patient and kind to her. I’ll always be grateful. This year, we are taking four classes and I couldn’t be happier. Homeschooling is definitely not the easiest thing in the world and having such a support system will definitely make life easier for our family. -Jada


I’ve been a part of TTCC for almost 8 years.  I’ve seen us meet happily in rooms that weekly flooded to freshly painted and floored rooms.  I’ve seen us with 10 families and us with over 100. What I love is that the prinicples of the coop then to now have remained consistent.  Our goal is to glorify God through His body.  To encourage other moms, kids and families as they travel this ministry that we’re all on.  We put Gods word, truths and doctrines first.  I love that I can post on our fb page a need or advise and then I can choose from the varying ideas I’m given.  I love I can pray openly to our Everexistant, Omnipresent and Triune God every Monday during class time as well as teach His biological design.  I love that when there is a conflict, I can openly go to our leadership for advise and assistance.  I may not always get the answers I like, but I can put it up against our own policies and Gods word and submit to the fact I’m not “always” right.  I have formed such a vast amount of true friends over the last 8 years.  People I never would have met if it weren’t for our co-op.  One year, I decided to keep my children home a year from TTCC.  It was a personal family decision to deal with some lacking academic and heart issues.  During that year, I STILL was given the opportunity to teach high school Biology 1 and 2, even though my own kids didn’t attend.  It was a blessing and honor that I could still work to help support my husband as we carried on in ministry.  God has been so faithful and continues to be by allowing our whole family to be a part of a co-op where TRUTH isn’t just in our name, it’s who we are.  I couldn’t be more honored to be joined in ministry with these 100 other families.  I see a true Deut 6 organization in TTCC.  Thankful for every moment. -Brandi